A simple and flattering system of dressing, rooted in our Brand’s iconic history and DNA.  

What is Capsule Dressing? The concept was popularized by Donna Karan in the 1980s. The idea was to create a capsule wardrobe that features only the most essential pieces from a collection. Highlighting the designer’s vision, which transcends seasons and trends by being functional, attainable, and commercial. Only focusing on construction and delivering key looks, without the theatrics of a show. This concept is part of the Ellen Tracy Brand DNA.


Our Design Philosophy: Effortless, essential, functional dressing. As we continue to focus on our mission to design effortless, elevated essentials. We created seven styles complemented with matching accessories to create the perfect wardrobe for any age, size, body type.


The Exclusive Collection: Modern, versatile, mix and match pieces effortlessly together and to fit your lifestyle. These beautifully designed knits will energize your wardrobe and help you get out the door in a fraction of the time while always looking perfectly polished and put together.


We call it FASHION FREEDOM. You can call it a style that is ultimately all your own.


Just in time for Holiday, create a perfect pair or the perfect gift! 


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